Adept directly connected to National 2018 ROSPA Fleet Safety Gold Award

Adept Vehicle Management provides fleet outsource to a number of UK company’s. Staffordshire based Environmental Essentials Ltd are one of the UK’s largest asbestos consultancy, surveying, analytical and training services. The busy fleet of over 165 vehicles and its drivers are managed by Adept.



As well as vehicle supplier; Adept have implemented its Adept Rist Assist product that includes a full analysis of the Driver in terms of health and safety this includes licence management, online driver training, accident management also the drivers braking and acceleration via telematics. A weekly vehicle safety check carried out by the driver is also managed via Adept’s Fleet Check software. Ensuring that drivers complete tasks such as ensuring that servicing and mechanical repairs are done when needed.

ROSPA identified how Environmental Essentials Ltd manages to vehicle and driver safety, how they work upon a safety strategy that is very secure in terms of prevention.

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