Adept Teletronics

Take control of your fleet.

Our managed product gives back control of your fleet and will cut fuel outlay.

Even more our tracker links up with AVM Fleet Check online vehicle management product. So customers have one portal for all fleet information.

There are many reasons why most organisations use far more fuel than necessary. Our Tracker product will help you to identify unnecessary fuel usage in many instances such as:

  • Eliminate excessive and unnecessary engine idling time.
  • Eliminate unauthorised private mileage
  • Reduce mean time/distance to call jobs
  • Correct poor driving behaviour (excessive acceleration, speeding)
  • Manage Duty of Care
  • Address Corporate Manslaughter / Working time directive

Fast deployment

Our system can be implemented very quickly and we provide full training monthly review meetings to ensure that your company is getting the very best from this fleet monitoring tool.

Tracker provides unequivocal evidence that a company van is used solely for business and not private use, protecting you and your company from increased tax liability.

Some key areas where usage identification of can be very useful.


A vehicle travelling at 80 mph uses on average 25% more fuel than a vehicle at 70 mph.

Wear and Tear

A third of a vehicles wear is caused by idling e.g. Icy mornings starting your engine to warm the car up.

Remote Access

Access to data can also be sourced via a smartphone App.


Adept Vehicle Management are a distinctive influence in the Vehicle Leasing Industry with a simple and clear approach to meeting the individual needs of car & van fleet operators nationwide.

Manage your short-term vehicles through the AVM fleet check portal.


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