Adept Risk Assist

Phrases such as “Duty of Care” and “Corporate Manslaughter” are part of our daily lives when managing a fleet.

Despite an increased awareness and the reduction in the number of road casualties, 1700 are still killed every year while driving on company business.

More safety. More savings.

Adept Risk Assist has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive risk management solutions for your business.

A structured risk management strategy will help you to reduce the risks associated with occupational driving. By implementing a risk management strategy you will benefit from:

  • Increasing the safety of your employees and those around them
  • Reducing your fleet risk
  • Maximising compliance with current and anticipated legislation

Safety and Risk Management

Adept Drive Wise delivers a dedicated solution that is designed to support your company car drivers. We ensure that your employees meet all the duty of care requirements.

Key features of AVM Fleet Outsource


We manage your third party suppliers/ leasing companies.

Management software

Full fleet bespoke reporting suite.

Managing transition

Transition of project management.

Driver support

Direct driver contact and vehicle choice management.

Cash4 car scheme

Cash 4 Car Online Driver Management.

Online driving licence checks

An online checking solution that manages your employee/driver licence points, revocation and ban details. We are also able to provide driver category entitlement.

Risk management

Adept’s partner provides a full online Driver Risk Management programme. We provide driver profile, learning modules throughout the lease life to ensure your drivers fully understand Heath & Safety regarding company vehicles.

Download our guide on managingyour fleet with Adept risk assist.


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