Adept Risk Assessment and driver training.

5 Steps to Safety and Compliance.

Most companies have employees who are required to drive a vehicle for business purposes and your company could be at risk of prosecution if you do not adopt a proactive approach to managing driver safety.

Our unique 5 step program

Current legislation requires that all drivers are adequately assessed and trained, whether they drive a company car or their own private vehicle. We have developed a “5 Step” programme to cost-effectively set you on the right road to safety and compliance.
Company Health check

Before we can act, we must measure the risk. The results of our Health Check will establish an action plan.

Individual Driver Risk Assessment

The on-line assessment should be completed by all drivers using a vehicle on company business. It assesses their risk by asking key questions relating to their driving attitudes and patterns.

Group seminars

A fully interactive seminar for up to
25 people can be tailored to your requirements, based on the
outcome of your fleet risk assessment. For example, the
seminar could focus on the issues facing high -mileage
drivers or those driving during peak traffic periods.


This course minimises downtime and
targets the issues highlighted in the individual driver's risk
assessment. The outcome of which will help reduce the number of drivers requiring on-road driver training.

On Road Driver Training

These practical sessions are aimed at very high -risk drivers requiring more focused one-to-one training. The intensive course is delivered by experienced trainers, providing hands-on development and coaching. We will produce management reports for you
providing the results, trends and individual outcomes.

End to end development

Adept outsource is available to both corporate and public sector organisations. We cover all aspects from acquisition through to disposal, we manage cash 4 car drivers ensuring they not only get the best PCH deals but they also ensure that vehicles meet the company’s criteria regarding image, health & safety and environmental policies.

All of our business relationships are supported by robust service level agreements and key performance indicators. All client relationships are managed through quarterly fleet control meetings where minutes and actions are reported to Directors.

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