Adept Fleet Management

The Fleet Solution – What ever your size!

The Adept services cover the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, and we can discuss and identify the required service package most appropriate to your fleet and company structure. From project consultation to a complete fleet management solution, we can be your trusted fleet partner.

We listen then we propose our bespoke services
As part of our recommendation for your own individual fleet strategy, we will jointly define clear service levels for all processes and activities, and so bring added value to your fleet.

Enhance compliance, manage and measure whilst reducing costs
We know that the administration of a fleet includes a high degree of complexity. To allow you to keep an eye on the essentials, we offer our full range of expertise, know-how and technical support. Through our many years of fleet experience, modern IT tools and a strong customer focus, we will jointly work out an appropriate fleet program, covering the needs of your company and your employees.

Savings-Fleet Cost Control

With a knowledge of how you manage your fleet, we can make sure Adept Fleet Check integrates seamlessly with your business. With consolidated fleet processes and improved accessibility, you can enjoy more efficient cost control, legal compliance and streamlined operations.

Through a simple question and answer process, we look at your current fleet processes, and where appropriate integrate them into one system allowing ease of data access and reducing administration time. Looking at all aspects of your fleet management enables our highly qualified team to identify areas for cost saving. Areas such as fuel management, tracker management, leasing providers and administration can be consulted and delivered confidentially.

Reviewing your fleet processes will identify if you are potentially vulnerable in areas of legal compliance, health & Safety and Duty of Care.

Compliance-Peace of mind

Fleet Check

You need safe, compliant vehicles and informed, educated drivers, its all covered by AVM Fleet Check

Legal requirements

HSE and legal requirements for fleet operators are securely woven through all software functionality.


AVM Fleet Check usage generates a sound audit trail of fleet activity; a fundamental duty of care requirement.


Electronic document storage means instant access to essential paperwork.

Fully supported

Adept Fleet Check is fully supported by the UK's leading transport solicitors and specialist tax accountants.


Adept Vehicle Management are a distinctive influence in the Vehicle Leasing Industry with a simple and clear approach to meeting the individual needs of car & van fleet operators nationwide.

Manage your short-term vehicles through the AVM fleet check portal.


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