Synectics well on the road to Zero emissions

In an increasingly competitive world customers are looking for more than just the daily management of their fleet – they want over and above from the businesses they work with. That’s why the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda is so important. Customers, staff, partners and investors are putting companies increasingly under the spotlight to scrutinise what Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices they have in place.

A company’s green credentials, their sustainability and the work they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint can make a massive difference to how a business is perceived. From a fleet management perspective, we can help companies with that – something we are already doing with one of our existing clients – Synectics Solutions Limited.

The Staffordshire based company has well established ESG principles, with measures already in place to meet their goals. Their company car scheme already favours Electric Vehicles and Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles because of the environmental benefits.

Working closely with Synectics Solutions there is now a car scheme in place that not only gives staff affordable access to ultra-low or emissions free vehicles, but it also means that over the life of their car contract they get carbon neutrality.

If you look at the statistics, as a result of the move from petrol and diesel to electric or low emission vehicles, this year alone there has been a 50% reduction in annual emissions across the entire fleet (based on contracted mileage) and a 61% drop in C02 (g/km) per individual vehicle. The environmental benefits speak for themselves.

Carl Cumbo Director of Adept Vehicle Management Limited said: “Synectics Solutions Limited’s car scheme means that it’s not just higher earners that are able to enjoy new cars. Employees at all levels can take advantage of the car scheme, which is not always possible in traditional company car schemes. In fact, our research shows that the majority of the drivers switching to lease vehicles, are coming from cars which are a minimum of four years old and by default are less environmentally friendly.”

Megan Burgess, Purchasing and Procurement Officer: from Synectics Solutions said: “Social responsibility is an integral part of our business. As an employer we have a duty of care for our staff, especially at times like this with the cost-of-living crisis. By working with Adept Vehicle Management who provide an award- winning

procurement service we can ensure that not only do our employees save money on the company car scheme, but also, thanks to the scheme, monthly budgeting becomes easy.

She added: “All costs, excluding fuel or electricity are included with the package, so insurance, tax, breakdown cover and even maintenance and tyres are included for a single monthly amount. With more and more families worried about unexpected expenses in the face of rising living costs, the peace of mind brought about by a package in which a no-surprise guarantee comes as standard, is important not just for the employee, but also for us an employer too.”

Carl added: “In addition to providing a great car scheme it is important that the employee gets the best support possible in terms of safety and maintaining the vehicle to a high standard. We also help Synectics Solutions Limited minimise the road safety risk for both them as an employer and their staff, by providing a mobile App which conducts regular Vehicle Safety Checks and provides important accident management and out of hours vehicle safety information, which insures not only the safety of the driver but other road users too.”

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