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Our online portal is designed to adapt perfectly to any size of fleet.

Understand exactly how you manage your fleet means Adept can ensure that Adept Fleet Check blends seamlessly with your business's existing systems and processes.

Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 1000, AVM Fleet Checkwill provide you with the very best in fleet management software that is integrally linked to our supporting services.

With a knowledge of how you manage your fleet we can make sure Adept Fleet Check integrates seamlessly with your business.

With consolidated fleet processes and improved accessibility, you can enjoy more efficient cost control, legal compliance and streamlined


Through a simple question and answer process we look at your current fleet processes, and where appropriate integrate them into one system

allowing ease of data access and reducing administration time. Looking at all aspects of your fleet management enables our highly qualified team

to identify areas for cost saving.

Areas such as fuel management, tracker management, leasing providers and administration can be consulted and delivered confidentially.

Reviewing your fleet processes will identify if you are potentially vunerable in areas of legal compliance, health & Safety and Duty of Care.

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