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Products - AVM Asset Finance (Non Vehicle)

We are successful in providing Asset Finance Solutions to business's, we provide highly effective ways of financing new equipment or raising cash from existing equipment in the current market.

This is because the traditional method of raising finance through bank loans or overdrafts has become increasingly difficult as most of the banks in the UK are tightening up on their lending criteria to such an extent that many businesses are no longer able to easily access finance via these routes.

Adept's Chris Phillips is vastly experienced at sourcing asset finance for businesses. We are not tied to any specific bank or source of finance so we can explore the market to find the right solution for your specific asset finance needs. We do not rely on sourcing funding just from the major banks but also have access to a range of specialist finance providers. These specialist finance providers often focus on specific types of businesses and the equipment used within those businesses so they have a much deeper understanding of the true value of the equipment and its useful working life.

The benefits of asset finance with Adept Vehicle Management are: