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Enforcement of road safety regulations

The horrific crash killing 8 people on the M1 over the bank holiday weekend involving two HGVs and a minibus has rocked the transport industry. In light of The Freight Transport Association's prediction that the UK will see a shortfall in the number of qualified drivers to meet industry needs, it's more important than ever that those charged with regulating the operators and drivers of large goods and passenger carrying vehicles remain resolute in the enforcement of regulations and standards of fitness and that operators have robust and effective measures in place to prevent drugged or intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel.

We support the FRT and BRAKE the road safety charity. We will continue to ensure our clients and drivers meet thier road safety regulations.

Adept Vehicle Management provides a low cost state of the art driving licence check facility as well as online driver training. 


Our thoughts are with the families of those killed, and to those recovering in hospital